Laboratory Testing

Laboratory Testing

Whether you require analytical testing of food and drink, dairy, water, or Agricultural samples,
Atlas provides a comprehensive range of microbiological, physical, and chemical testing services
combined with industry-leading technical expertise and customer service.
With many years of experience, Atlas takes pride in delivering the highest standards of service with the
utmost integrity.

Uncompromising Standards
As a market leader, Atlas works hard to achieve the high standards that our customers demand and
expect. We ensure efficient sample collection whilst our laboratories guarantee rapid result
turnaround providing you with instant access to your results.
Listening to our customers is a priority and enables us to deliver a better service, giving you
confidence that we are a testing partner you can trust.

Integrity of Results
Our test results achieve internationally recognised standards every time. Our employees are
among the most knowledgeable in the industry. Their expertise, combined with the insight gained
from undertaking many tests per year, assures customers that every single test result is delivered
with the highest levels of accuracy and integrity.
Our independent quality department undertakes an internal programme of self-inspection to
ensure that our exacting standards are met, and by participating in a number of proficiencies
schemes remain at the fore front of the industry.

Food Chemistry
We offer: Drinking & process water analysis, Brix & Nutritional Analysis, Aflatoxins & Mycotoxins, Food
quality, Physical, Chemistry & Microbiology, Overall Evaluation & food safety programs. Our customers
benefit from our experienced and knowledgeable staff, our unrivalled range of tests and services.

Water & Waste Water
With extensive experience, Atlas offers a comprehensive range of water testing services. We carry out tests on all types of water across a broad range of industries including raw, potable, recreational, process
and waste, ensuring the required regulations are met in full.

Microbiological Testing
Atlas is the leading providers of microbiological testing:E-Coli & Coliforms Yeast, Mold & Standard plate
count Identification of unknown bacteria &  fungiPharmaceutical Microbiology & Quality Control Testing.

Agricultural Testing
Atlas Kenya Ltd has been involved in the Agricultural testing industry for over ten years and in that time has become a trusted testing partner. We conduct both basic & broad spectrum analysis of Soil, Plant Tissue & Fertilizer samples with nutrients recommendations. Our clients receive the highest levels of service.

Material Testing
Atlas offers an unrivalled service to our customers. Our comprehensive range of services include the testing of raw materials, finished products, purified water, Boiler & Cooling water, water for
injection and waters for steam sterilizers and washer disinfectors.

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