Water Treatment in Kenya : Processes and Products

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Water Treatment in Kenya : Processes and Products

Are you concerned about the quality of water you and your family are consuming? If yes, then you have come to the right place. We offer professional guidance with water treatment in Kenya. Our company is here to provide reliable and effective water treatment solutions tailored to the specific needs of Kenya’s communities.

Different process of water treatment in Kenya

  1. Coagulation and Flocculation: The water treatment process begins with the addition of coagulants such as aluminum sulfate or ferric chloride. These chemicals cause impurities and suspended particles to clump together, forming larger particles called floc.
  2. Sedimentation: The water with the suspended floc is then allowed to sit in a large tank, known as a sedimentation basin. The floc settles to the bottom due to gravity, forming a layer of sludge.
  3. Filtration: After sedimentation, the water undergoes filtration to remove any remaining suspended particles and floc. It passes through layers of sand, gravel, and anthracite coal, which act as filters to capture impurities.
  4. Disinfection: To eliminate harmful microorganisms, the water is disinfected. Chlorine is commonly used for this purpose in water treatment in Kenya. It effectively kills bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens that may be present in the water.
  5. pH Adjustment: The pH of the water is adjusted to an optimal level using chemicals such as lime or soda ash. This helps to minimize corrosion of distribution pipes and ensure the water is not too acidic or alkaline.

The common products that are used to treat water in Kenya

water treatment in Kenya

  1. Water Filters: Various types of water filters are available in Kenya, including activated carbon filters, ceramic filters, and reverse osmosis (RO) filters. These filters help remove impurities and improve the taste and odor of the water. Water filters are commonly used by water treatment companies in Kenya.
  2. Water Purifiers: Water purifiers use advanced technologies such as UV (Ultraviolet) sterilization or RO filtration to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and contaminants from water, providing safe and clean drinking water.
  3. Water Softeners: Water softeners are used to remove minerals like calcium and magnesium that cause hardness in water. These systems help reduce scale buildup in pipes and appliances, prolonging their lifespan.
  4. Water Treatment Chemicals: Chemicals such as coagulants, disinfectants (e.g., chlorine), and pH adjusters are used in the water treatment process. These chemicals are essential for effective water treatment and ensuring its safety.
  5. Water Testing Kits: Water testing kits are available to assess the quality of water. These kits can detect various parameters such as pH levels, chlorine content, and the presence of contaminants, allowing users to monitor water quality.

Notably, when selecting water treatment products, it’s important to consider factors such as water source, water quality, and the specific requirements of the intended application (e.g., residential, commercial, or industrial). Consulting with water treatment experts or providers can help determine the most suitable products for individual needs. Such professionals can help you with choosing between commercial and domestic water purifies in Kenya.

Why consult us for water treatment services?

  1. Expertise in water treatment in kenya: With over a decade of experience in the industry, we have become the leading provider of water treatment solutions in Kenya. Our team of qualified engineers and technicians are dedicated to delivering the highest quality services and products.
  2. Local understanding, global standards: We understand the unique challenges and water quality issues faced by Kenyan communities. Our solutions are designed to address these specific concerns while adhering to international quality and safety standards.
  3. Comprehensive Solutions: Whether you need water treatment systems for your home, office, school, or community, AquaPure Kenya has you covered. We offer a wide range of solutions, including filtration, purification, disinfection, and water softening, to ensure you have access to clean and healthy water wherever you are.
  4. Affordable and Sustainable: We believe that clean water should be accessible to everyone, which is why we strive to offer affordable solutions without compromising on quality. Our systems are designed to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly, minimizing their impact on the planet.
  5. Exceptional Customer Service: At AquaPure Kenya, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer support team is available to answer your queries, provide guidance, and offer ongoing assistance. We are committed to building long-term relationships with our clients and ensuring their water treatment needs are met effectively.

Our Services:

  1. Residential Water Treatment: Safeguard your family’s health with our residential water treatment systems. From point-of-entry solutions to under-sink filters, we have options to suit various requirements and budgets.
  2. Commercial Water Treatment: Ensure the well-being of your employees and customers by providing clean and safe water in your workplace. Our commercial water treatment solutions are scalable and customizable to meet the demands of businesses of all sizes.
  3. Community Water Treatment: Access to clean water is vital for the health and development of communities. We offer comprehensive water treatment solutions for schools, hospitals, housing complexes, and other community settings.
  4. Maintenance and Support: We provide regular maintenance and servicing for our water treatment systems to ensure optimal performance and longevity. Our dedicated team will be there to assist you whenever you need it.

What is Water Treatment?

Water treatment is basically the act or the process of enhancing the quality of water so that it meets
the quality criteria for its intended use. This is to say that water treatment process is normally a well
elaborate process with well defined stages that water passes through in order to make it fit to be used
for a given purpose or to be safely released back to the environment. Are you looking for assistance
with treating your water? If yes, then consider yourself lucky as you have come to the right place. At
atlas Kenya ltd, we offer top quality water treatment services and this means that we are the guys to
consult whenever you are in need of such services. We are glad to let you know that we offer all our
services at competitive prices.

Therefore, this is just but a proof that you will always get the best value
for your money every time you hire our services. You also might be interested to note that we utilize
the latest technology to ensure that your water meets or exceeds all water quality standards. This
means that if your desire is to remove sediments, bacteria and other impurities in your water, then all
you need to do is consult us and we guarantee you that you shall be impressed by the quality of our

Reliable Water Treatment Experts

It is arguably true that water is life. This is to say that water is essential for health and general
productivity of a community. We cannot therefore afford to ignore the role that water plays in
sustaining life. It follows then that treating water is of utmost importance as we cannot do without
clean water. It is particular important to ensure that you have access to safe, portable drinking water.
If you have any doubts about the quality of your drinking water then you don’t have to worry as we
offer drinking water purification services. You can always contact us whenever you are in need of
reliable solutions for water purification as we are ready and willing to assist you. It is worth to point
out that our experts who are paid to treat water are all academically qualified and well experienced
in treating water. It thus goes without a word that you get fully satisfying services should you decide to
order for our services. In addition, we offer assistance with water treatment plant maintenance. You
can rest assured that no matter what kind of water you are treating be it be industrial water that you intend to safely release to the environment or water that is intended for drinking or recreation services
we are capable of assisting you to treat it.

We are ready to serve you today!

Take the first step towards clean and safe water for yourself, your family, or your community. Contact AtlasKenya.com today to schedule a consultation or request more information about our water treatment solutions. Together, let’s create a healthier Kenya through access to pure water.

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